11:11 - Issa Transformation

11:11 - Issa Transformation

Imagine expericiencing immediate revelation & knowing you're being guided through a significant change within your life.

One that draws in an unlimited supply of self-love, prosperity, healing, abundance & gratitude. One that creates the life you've always dreamed living in freedom & shifting within a divine protective peace. Yet,
. . .
. . .
However, you trust the transformation & submit to
an unwavering sense of FAITH regardless!

Inititially landing in St. Paul, Minnesota the summer of June 2013, with my 9yr old daughter; I became intrigued within a journey unknown. 

NEW State,

NEW Job,

NEW Apartment,

NEW Learning Opportunities,

NEW Experiences &

NEW Love!

After several years, obtaining a degree, going through a break-up,  incorporating myself in other people's drama & moving into another NEW apartment. I recognized that I had been quite depleted of my energy & physically as well as mentally internalizing my emotions through EATING (for years) with a lack of physical activity or desire to be. I consciously allowed myself to attach emotional dead weight.

~ I had gained almost, an entire 100 pounds !!!

The changes in my weight & body weren't physical or obvious to the eye at first (that lets me know, I was oblivious to my own personal appearance). My discomfort was felt with throbbing pain in feet, aches of the knees & significant pain in my lower back. I was about 250lbs & pushing the damn envelop in my mid-twenties & could barely walk around the Mall of America with teenage daughter for LESS than 15 mins before I started to experience piercing pain shooting through my spine. The extra weight on my body was weighing me down, however I CHOSE not to allow these negative observations keep me down.

In 2018, towards the end & thereafter releasing myself from the seven and a half year relationship with the woman I thought I'd marry, I actually started working out as well as changed my eating habits. In my head lmao, I had created this "Khloe's Revenge Body" episode in which I'd lose all this weight & appeared phenomenally gorgeous inside & out then .......... "someone" (outside of myself) would love me again!

After two days, my WHOLE damn mind shifted.
I said “self”, my self said "Hmmmmm"...
"F&#$ THAT!
F^&% IT!
F^%^ HER!

I needed to process & proceed on this journey FOR ME & no one else! Within those two days, I implemented a physical routine that included running, core exercises, squats & stretching. Mentally, I structured statements within. Statements, that I recited in my head as I stared out the window into the sky or into the trees whiles running or walking. Statements, I affirmed as I pushed myself through to finish each set as I worked out on my orange Hamsa yoga mat. I pushed. & Pushed. & continued to thrive each day for months until I created a lifestyle that I still hold myself accountable to; to date w/ healthier eating habits, increased nutrients & WATER! 💦 

My journey was no longer about

moving on after a break-up.

My journey is about transforming my mind, body & spirit. 
My journey is teaching me discipline.
My journey is about consuming more vitamins & minerals.
My journey is to rebuild tone & strength in my legs & back.
My journey is a recommitment of SELF-LOVE & WORTH.
My journey is encouraging! 
My journey is nurturing!
My journey is self-appreciating!
My journey is balancing!
My journey is enlightening!
My journey is connecting!
My journey is empowering!
My journey is shifting!
My journey is transforming!

Mind. Body. Spirit. & Essence.

"As we are,
Sacred in PURPOSE.
Sacred in TRUTH.
Sacred amongst all OTHERS.
As Always,
Much Gratitude Unto You
For Divining With Me 
~ Shavon Danea ~ 
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