Are your WEEDS still growing?

Are your WEEDS still growing?

Do you STILL tend to your GARDEN & 
pull on the same weeds in your life with the same ol' tools?
Or do you journey through with the energy
& grace of your knowing & BE-ing?
You know as much as the next that EVERYBODY has an opinion. Yet in discernment as Spiritual BE-ings we have the ability to:
Prescribed Rx: As Needed
"Do you notice a shift in your BE-ing?"
- Do you harp on situations or events of the past? (5yrs? 20yrs? 3wks ago?)
- Have you decided to choose mindfulness & oneness, over calculated petty behaviors?
- Are you keeping "Score" or allowing Universal Energy to flow? 
- Don't block your blessings! Are you setting an intent DAILY to live amongst your goals & dreams, without complaint or envy?
- Is there a song of negative thoughts on repeat in your head?
- Do you embrace these thoughts to analyze the root & emotion?
- Are you of transmuting negativity with grace & wisdom?
- Do you identify & accept your feelings with embodiment?
- Do you remind yourself that the negative is ONLY temporary?
- Do you hold time & space for self to embrace consciousness?
- Do you easily inact on harbored anger, jealously or resentment?
- Do you say "NO" when you're uncomfortable?
- Do you manage to experience emotion with grace & ease? Let them come & allow them to GO!
- Are you aware of your own presence in the present? As well as in the presence of others?
- Do you keep a clear & cleansed space to openly receive clarity & abundance?
- Spend extra time in the morning to start the day with intention?
Prescribed Rx: As Needed
Are you applying your tools & resources?
- DAILY: Affirmations / Mantras / Positive Self-Talk
- Weekly Self-Care Rituals
- Commanding unwavering discernment & protection.
- Removing oneself from toxic persons, places, things or events.
- Journaling
- Using words of power for goals, desires, wants & needs.
- Utilizing upfront self-expression vs secrecy, side convo or holding "it" in.
- No longer making excuses for self nor ppl that disrespect & hurt you.
- No longer choosing to make jokes at another's expense.
- Understanding emotions are temporary.
- Release the impact of other's opinion & destructive criticism.
- No longer PRETENDING, you're "Unbothered".
- Spend quality time, doing fun hobbies to express creativity
- Spend time in nature amongst all elements.
- Express you concerns directly, not indirectly & then LET IT GO! It's not that deep . . .
- Breathe & Accept!
- INNERSTAND, it's not a problem if they don't understand YOU!
- Move with INTENTION, Align with PURPOSE!
- Create a sacred space just for YOU TIME.
When you utilize your tools, you uproot from the foundation. Pulling from the surface is temporary.
Tending from the foundation is NURTURING!
Let's keep the conversation going . . .
What are some tools & resources that you use to
show up for yourself & apply in your life,

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As Always,
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For Divining With Me 
~ Shavon Danea ~ 
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