Balance: Divine Masculine vs Divine Feminine ☯️

Balance: Divine Masculine vs Divine Feminine ☯️

In the midst of the dark, there is ALWAYS light! 

As "All Is Mind", for me it requires the innerstanding of strength, spiritual insight, release of judgement, self-awareness & independence to maintain equilibrium within.

Yin to universal feminine, Yang revels in the masculine energy.

As the two connect & interact in sync, a natural complement (NOT compliment) is created amongst the Universe of divine polarity. By which, the relationship is NOT forced yet naturally flows together enriching the BE-ing of the other by choice. Experiencing the strength to provide harmony & duality within the energetic exchange in:

  • LOVE.
  • PEACE.
  • and POWER.

This divine connection does not have to a heterosexual relationship, nor does it have to be with someone else. Imagine this experience, this balance WITHIN!

As we are all born in masculine as well as feminine energy, our connection to the Spirit of self applies balancing the scales. Associated with the angel number 11:11 or master number 1 & 11; Yin/Yang represents oneness & empowerment. Its mystical enlightenment awakens healing, wholeness as well as the support of universal love. 

Recognizing HEALTHY Masculine Energy appears as: (w/ Feminine)
-Manifesting through thought patterns, beliefs systems and commitment.
-Building a foundation within utilizing your Solar Plexus.
-Focused with clarity, awareness & full transparency.
-BE-ing with discipline AND
-Moving forward in purpose as a natural GIVER!
UNHEALTHY Masculine Energy appears: (w/o Feminine)
-Hostile or Destructive
-Frustrated & Irritable
-Lack of empathy
To maintain BALANCE:
-Be ROOTED, responsible & accountable!
-Be PATIENT with yourself as well as others & meditate!
- - -
Recognizing HEALTHY Feminine Energy appears as: (w/ masculine)
-Manifesting with patience, courage & as an expression of pure truth.
-Invoking a fortitude of creativity & compassion within your Sacral chakra.
-Encompassing a genuine sense of kindness & wisdom.
-Maintaining a fulfilment of healing as the natural receiver.
UNHEALTHY Feminine Energy appears as: (w/o masculine)
-Unproductive & Stagnant
-Overprotective or Overbearing
 To maintain BALANCE:
-Stay in tune with your body!
-Openly receive gifts & blessings!

In oneness, you align in agreement as a vessel to be an INNERGY of self-gratification in:

Freedom. Intuition. Respect. Security. Humility. Logic. Power. Vision. Flow. Awareness. Sensuality. Balance. Release. Connection. Presense. Confidence. Trust. Synergy. Authenticity. Willpower. Peace. Nurture. Purpose. Transparency. Diligence. Patience. Embrace. Protection. Courage. Transcendence. Love.


Now envision, a partner or siginificant other; one & the same.

Twin Flame relationships are one in a lifetime! As souls do not have a gender, the divine connection does not require heterosexual companionship & are very distinctive from soulmates. As soulmates are codependent & fear separation with anxiety. Twin flames have an attuned spiritual connect that allows each individual soul to innerstand that there is wisdom to purposely fulfill within their journey regardless of separation. As they will connect in absolute truth & love no matter what!

Your twin flame will be a mirrored reflection of YOU!

Ask yourself "would I forever me with ME?"

Remembering that YOU lack nothing!

. . . 

"As we are,
Sacred in PURPOSE.
Sacred in TRUTH.
Sacred amongst all OTHERS.
As Always,
Much Gratitude Unto You
For Divining With Me 
~ Shavon Danea ~ 
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