How Often Do We Give Our POWER Away ?! 👀

How Often Do We Give Our POWER Away ?! 👀

Such a broad question right?
Well if you think about... No, not really. When you mindfully give life and not your ego to the very definition of “living in POWER”,
you’ll find true meaning beyond the word.
Make sense?!

Our sense of power is our divine will power, which lies within our solar plexus or manipura chakra, the space between our heart and our navel. This is where we old space to affirm self-love, acceptance & truth. Where we create consciously, radiate positivity and generally tend to disregard anything that does not align with the above mentioned. 

As women, we were (air quotes) traditionally taught that our power lies in cleaning, cooking and mothering. Now we are humble, black-owned entrepreneurs, enlightened spiritualists and humane influential-speakers that not only make sure there’s a home-cooked meal on the table; but the house is cleaned & saged from low vibes as well our kids know their ABCs/123s, they have savings accounts and they're acclimated to calling on their ancestors.

As women, we are beings of light that have the power to EMPOWER!

& that, if you haven’t noticed that itself is a damn superpower 😉

Your power is in decision making...
Your power is in problem-solving...
Your power is in your values...
Your power is in your intentions...
Your power is in your choice of words...
Your power is in your essence...
Honey. Your. Power. Is. In. Your. Soul...
Your power is embodied within the essence of your spirit!

We too often more than not unconsciously give our power away. HOW?! Well let’s see...

  • You in a relationship of sorts? When’s the last time you went full throttle & argued with your significant other because they either didn’t notice you changed or didn’t compliment that fact that you changed something unique about you appearance? Your hairstyle or clothing? ........ Lady! Relax your ego & stop picking unnecessary arguments. You know damn well you fine-fine, stop fishing & go find a mirror; pose for a selfie 2xs!! Speak healing affirmations of self-love, beauty and elegance to yourself... With grace! Gaze at yourself with dilligence, in visions of true admiration not lust. Encountering your natural beauty inside as well as the abundance of attraction from the outside. Connect with your exquisite features & tell your soul "I LIFE YOU"! No, I love you(s)... We can all love whoever, whenever from a distance honey. It takes a different type of being to breathe life, energy into someone; so why not give unto yourself? Yes, women want attentiveness from their partners but if they don't notice, right away does that call for indiscretions, insecurities & wasted energy? Threats to dismantle your relationship, with them as well as self & your peace? Be cautious as well as conscious when shifting energy within your relationships. You often receive the energy you give; it's called the law of reciprocity. So settle your spirit honey & take back your power of poise, self-worth, commitment & confidence.
  • What do you and your friend(s) talk about when y’all get together or when y’all on the phone? Do you find yourself complaining? Gossiping! Spreading the holy word of . . . the streets?! Did you know that’s hexing?
Yes! Gossiping & even self-loathing is a form of hexing. Creating self-doubt & spreading negativity, where’s the power in that? Did you realize that the more you say phrases like “I only have...” or “I’ll never be able to...” sabotages the potential for you to create or manifest in your life. You negate the presence of power by accepting low vibrations into your situation or existence. Same with gossiping, the audacity to remove someone else’s potential is displeasing to universal favor. All that adversity offers no support; so at least when you’re done talking trash; send words of encouragement and healing to that individual like "I wish em’ the best...” or “I pray they find peace...” & be sure to add some sincerity because you words are indeed casted spells & power! Or just follow the one good ol' fashioned saying momma taught you... "if you don't have nothing nice to say...", you get where I'm going.
What you feed your garden, bears fruition within your will power!
Decide if you are manifesting or sabotaging.
Are you focusing or being a distraction?
Are you healing within or victimizing your testimony?


For the past few months, I have been receiving & ignoring divine messages that it's time for me to evolve & dedicate more of my time from my 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship & align my growth exponentially throughout my purpose. Now a year ago, I manifested my current position because it served me... At that time. I had to start catching myself from complaining, noticing how I'd been distracting my thoughts on what's wrong or no longer working for me rather than calling on my spirit team & meditating to shift & manifest the next phase of order & business in my life. I had been calling in more chaos & sabotaging the flow of abundance by looking for other jobs rather than healing my overall relationship with money & redefining what wealth means to me & affirming that "I AM WORTHY" of divine wealth, knowledge & freedom! I needed to disconnect from reality & check out to check in. Reiterating my WHY, realigned me with my purpose that directly allowed my thoughts to tap into my ability to shift from becoming my own distraction. Take your power back, by breaking unhealthy habits of self-sabotage & unnecessary limiting thoughts! Be sure to leave room for opportunity & expansion in your life within your thoughts, words, intentions & actions.

As women we are beings of strength. Notable warriors & each day... each moment... with every situation we wrestle, we fight, we overcome & we emerge anew layer of intutition, love & strength. Even through the chaos & abstraction of our unhealed shadows, we heed a notion of transparency that allows us to amend & repurpose.

If you've been a "Work In Progress" too long...

Take some time this week to reflect, refocus & journal on how often you give your power away. Within each experience there's a lesson of self-discovery & a journey to divine will power. Self-empowerment is a priority & it's time to put the work in & get the job DONE!

The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle is an inspiring read if you’re on a journey to get to know the YOU that's within. I bought my copy as well as half of my book collection from lol. If you have some time grab a copy & come back with comments :)

Whatever serves you mindfully in peace & blessings, be sure to pray or meditate & set your intentions with the will to heal & flourish w/ POWER! Be sure to comment & share your thoughts & experiences if you are lead to, remembering that we are not alone on this journey! We find the wisdom, in only that which we seek...

Don't forget to check out any of our self-love/self-worth products (SEARCH) Power of the PUSSY, Queen of Mango, SelfishAF, or Thankful.Grateful.Blessed. & tap into your natural beauty, confidence & will power!

As Always, Much Gratitude Unto You For Divining With Me
~ Shavon Danea ~


Featured Photo by: Nicole De Khors 
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