There's Gratitude In Solitude & Stagnation!

There's Gratitude In Solitude & Stagnation!

There are those that found themselves disheveled & in despair during an unwarranted time of solitude that created temporary stagnation. Whether self-induced or society-inflicted we experienced deficiency in solitude because we somehow lacked vision of potential and purpose. Motivation decreased. Energy levels were nonexistent. Hell at some point we all took heed to unhealthy eating & certain lifestyle habits.

The year 2020 gave of all an opportunity, to either be unproductive or grateful for temporary stagnation! 

Yet, which transformation did you choose? 

As we've each had a moment to be captured within by a space of adversity we were offered the freedom to fulfill the void with grace, potential, connection as well as mindfulness... Remembering that we are just a vessel of spirit overcoming these human experiences, therefore, what we allow for ourselves animatedly we energetically perpetuate.

We must be willing, in addition to consistent with the continuous ability to withdraw from the "Why Me(s)?" & the "Hold On! I'm coming Elizabeth(s)!" of the world. Aligned with grit to reduce & deduce the unnecessary distractions that afford us to revel in wisdom, vitality, healing & power within to spiritually awaken & virtuously begin to "Trust Your Senses"!

How do you "Trust Your Senses?";

By acknowledging & trusting inutition!

In the mist of stagnation, we are blessed with solitude that provides:

  • Essential time for rest & relaxation; Mind, Body & Soul #333. 
  • Allots time for meditation in which we enhance the capability to silence the mind & prepare oneself to openly receive awareness, self-actualization, divine connection & guidance.

... If you just put the 1st two together you realize,

for once in life we just gotta sit our behinds down & shut all the way up ...

So as we pour gratitude into solitude we are afforded an experience with an attitude of grace & sacred thankfulness:

  • We begin to illuminate your perspective, searching within your own voice for sound reasoning & teachable expericences that not only impact the value as well as quality of your reality but extend the same for others surrounding you! 
  •  We build a foundation of empowerment, momentum to reject what no longer vibes with the new flow & order. !!TRANSMUTATION!!
  • Align with the shadows of our heart (stop running from them & remove the notion of fear or insecurity) for healing & rejuvenate the spirit with truth, fulfillment & self-love! Opening the heart chakra. The center of our being.

As we connect the mental, physical & emotional state of being we magnetically shift the energetic vibrations within to access the Quantum Field. The space within in which the very essence of our unique being has the full potential to just BE, that’s where we...

The true desires of our <3

Assess the gratitude within solitude of stagnation & it will remove you from La La Land into a zone that requires ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!
It will fulfill you with wanting more out of life.
It can expedite favor as you apply improvements to your reality. 
You'll find comfort in knowing, YOU are the calm before a storm as


Yes! There's gratitude in solitude & stagnation. Trust the journey with mindfulness, a sense of vivacity & you won't remain stagnant!

Command your balance within your evolution :)

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Above All Else Love & Heal From Within!


As Always, Much Gratitude Unto You For Divining With Me

~ Shavon Danea ~


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