Meditation: Scavenger Hunt 🤷🏾‍♀️ Whatcha Looking For??? 👀

Meditation: Scavenger Hunt 🤷🏾‍♀️ Whatcha Looking For??? 👀

As I transitioned into new lifestyle dynamics; working from home, spiritual journey, self-love journey... It became important to me to remain grounded & find balance in essential ways!

    Over the past year and a half, I’ve found true solace in the ritual of meditation. 😊

    Below are different meditative exercises through 4 supportive ways we are required to function daily. By which we must energize to experience true fulfillment, remain grounded with balance, maintained a positive mindset opened for opportunities to expand and then learn to reset and relax to establish a solid foundation of being another day! - What’s something that provides you with an extra boost of energy in your day⁉️

      • Whether or not we are kicking off the day or rejuvenating mid-afternoon, each day we stretch our resilience to materialistic substances to function by which as wake we must attempt to find a significant amount of ENERGY to arise a new. Coffee. Snack machine. Fast food. Little do we know a minimum of 10 to 15mins in meditation provides such an amazing experience uplifting the mind, body and spirit especially when using affirmations or recently I’ve been adding in mudras! Mudras are unique hand placements that activate the chakras, when used with sound.
        • With meditation, when you wake in morning, simply decide how you will shift you energy & mindset for the day to create a transformational affirmation. Even in the mist of the day you can redirect your energy to focus on something where it’s required to uplift your spirit. 
        • Create an affirmation with intention beginning with I AM or I AFFIRM:
          • Morning - I Am Flow of Positive Energy & Faith
          • Mid Afternoon - I Affirm Positive Energy & Faith Flows Through Me
        • Take a deep breath, & place your hands over your navel space.
        • Repeat your Affirmation out loud or quietly to yourself for 10-15 minutes.
        • On your last affirmation, take a deep breath in through your nose & hold it for 7 seconds, then fully exhale for 8 seconds!

      Believe in your words wholeheartedly with trust & faith & resume the day fully equipped with renewed a strength!

      So I pulled out the dictionary and searched for the word support and found the following:

      “Support” | noun - something the holds structure

      ”Support” | verb - to sustain 

          • Who wouldn’t want SUPPORT? Who doesn’t need a sense of grounding, balance, ultimate foundation. To survive we require conditioning to maintain. The conditioning to enforce is mindfulness as well as unity between your consciousness as it connects to your physical  being and your being as it connects to the soul.  – What do you do today that has been a source of support & balance for you⁉️
            • Get into a comfy position; laying down or sitting
            • With your eyes open, take a deep breath in through your nose until you feel in with your stomach, then exhale through your mouth. Repeat 3x(s)
            • Now close your eyes & imagine a dark, big, bold willow tree. In the middle of a green grassy field.
            • With your shoes off & your feet planted firm; imagine yourself standing at the root of that tree. 
            • Now I want you to breathe deep strong, long breaths into the roots of the tree.
            • With every deep inhale through your nose, feel the frequency of the energy from the soles of your feet flow up to your spine & embrace the crown of the head. 
            • Through every tenacious exhale from your mouth, release any non-beneficial energy that no longer serves you. From the crown of your head to soles of your feet set free that energy into the roots of the tree. Imagining that the tree, is transmuting & burying the energy within the middle of the Earth to no return.
            • Maintain a normal breathing pattern for the remainder of your time during meditation.
          Noting any sensations, emotions or thoughts!
            In every environment, there's ongoing change. Adversity & new developments that may increase frustrations.
            • A fresh sense of readiness & zeal is highly recommended to prevent a decline in mindset when opposition occurs - What do you do to maintain a POSITIVE environment through hindrance⁉️
              • As you utilize meditation, maintaining a high vibes within is a key component! Let's get ready to open up that heart chakra <3
              • Get into a comfy position, sitting or laying.
              • Clear your mind & Relax your shoulders.
              • Cup your right hand over your heart space & then place your left hand over your right hand.
              • With a normal breathing pattern, engulf your being in your awareness.
              • Notice the pattern in your breathing. Notice the sound & steady beat of your heart. Are you enjoying it's tune yet?
              • Let the beat of your heart play musically within the whims of your breath.
              • Listen & just be for 10 to 15mins

              Whether you're working from home or in the office; for a company or for yourself, it's essential to decompress at the end of the day.

                • It's imperative to RELAX & simply collect ourselves following a hectic or tense work day therefore it's necessary to leave work at work. - What do you do that allows you to reset & rejuvenate after your work day⁉️
                  • With Meditation, there’s true POWER in your awareness. As our bodies require the life of breath to simply sustain, its important to maintain a sense of relaxation utilizing the sensation of being, breathing & understanding the connections within our bodies.
                    • Get into a comfy position; laying down or sitting
                    • Close your eyes or keep them open; your choice!
                    • Take a deep inhale for 4 seconds & hold it for 7 seconds
                    • Now take a slightly forced exhale out for 8 full seconds
                    • Another round; deep inhale in for 4 secs, hold it for 7 secs; then slightly exhale for 8 full seconds; This exercise is called: 4-7-8 breathing
                Do this breathing pattern about 5x(s), then return to a normal breathing pattern. Notice any changes in your bodies, in your movement or posture, sound, touch, emotions & relaxation. 
                  • Now, as you create a space of inner peace for yourself imagine an aura of blue light around you.
                  • Embrace this light energy, from all aspects to release any/all low vibrations within as well as around you.
                  • Allow this light energy to illuminate within your heart space with ease & just keep breathing. Take it all in for at least 15 minutes!


                After Every meditative experience it's vital to call your energy back to you by simply commanding your power & energy to align with purpose unto you & release all that no longer serves you! You can do so by reciting the decree below:

                MIND. BODY. & SOUL!"
                  As Always,
                  Much Gratitude Unto You
                  For Divining With Me 
                  ~ Shavon Danea ~
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