The Grounding Experience

The Grounding Experience

🌻GROUNDING: Experience reality in the present moment fearlessly.

I love, love, love being surrounded by water as a grounding technique!

Some other ways to spiritually remain grounded:

• Walk barefoot through grass outside. Place your feet on bare Earth!

• Observe your surroundings: Honor the beauty of the clouds, moon, sunrise or sunset.

• Connect with nature: Close your eyes & listen to nature’s voice via birds chirping, wind blowing, ocean waves.

•Meditate with intention & focus!

•Journal: Write out your thought, ideas and emotions & discard or burn them.

•Take a few deep breaths in & release pushing the energy in them toes.

•Hug a tree! Embrace & speak life into Earth’s muscle.

However you choose to ground, always remind yourself... “My True Self Is Wide Awake”🌻
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