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Born in Vineland, NJ yet Manifested in Minnesota as a Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual Practitioner, Certified Seminar Faculty Trainer & Reiki Master, Faithful Sense LLC was branded in 2017. A unique brand that pours compassion, high frequency & unity into every vibration.

"Growing up, it was a challenge for me to express my emotions & utilize my voice. I often felt seen, not always heard. Much like a turtle, I retreated within then connected with music, writing, uplifting scents & aromas as a way of self-expression to gain a moment of clarity.
A sense of my own peace."

Graduating in 2015 while studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, I began researching candle-making, the health benefits & wellness components to aromatherapy. Stepping into my own wisdom, healing from trauma by connecting Reiki & meditation to Herbalism & Aromatherapy as well as Human Design with Universal Principles; Faithful Sense was launched in 2020, aligning faith, love & a lil' inner magick.

As Shavon Danea, I evolved into an intuitive self-published author, founder of non-profit All Is Mind International & owner of AIM TV network. Throughout my journey over 14+ years of spiritual remembrance, "Novah's Son" my spiritual BE-ing nurtured enlightenment & captivated inner grace. I CHOOSE to show up as a vessel of wisdom, allocating self-healing through experiences. Therefore I encourage others that CHOOSE this path as well as to act in Faithful Sense. 

As a teen mom, after battling depression & struggling with self-ID. I reactivated purpose within through self-love, spirituality & energetic healing. Mindfulness & Energy Healing has provided me with such an intuitive and universal shift of purpose as well as favor. The experience has opened portals of super high consciousness, universal alignment, manifestation and divine wisdom. Quite the soulful journey to empowerment.

The embodiment of soul purpose honors exceptional gratitude as I invite you to redefine hidden narratives of subconscious truths, align with conscious restoration, cultivate manifestations as well as apply universal wisdom with an attitude of fulfillment. My mission is to share these experiences while creating a unique space for others; in addition to enhancing mindfulness as well as producing a brand of high vibrational energy for those that choose to mature . . . with compassion! 


With Much Gratitude,


Shavon Danea

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