Own Your SHIFT! | Self-Love eGuide

"Truth is often still.
If you position yourself long enough to listen,
you'll become ONE within the depth of your own."
~ Novah's Son


MINDFULNESS: the state of our (Mind BE-ing Full of Necessary Energetic Synchronicities From Spirit Within) - creating a ritual of the subconscious mind to lead consciously as Spirit with a mind of serenity, unity & oneness as our higher self.

An ancient practice of our ancestors & ascended masters that brings restoration. Connecting the mind to the body, body to spirit & spirit to essence rooted in trust & Faithul Sense.

Do I own my PURPOSE or am I just living to exist? To survive.
Am I thriving at the FULL capacity of my will, skills, talents, wisdom, experiences & BE-ing?

Life will not only teach, yet intimidate you with scarcity to flee from the unknown when in reality we should gain insight in addition to inner strength from all that we experience.

Listening to the whispers of our body, the sound of our heart; embodying the flow of energy connecting through every vein, muscle, organ, cell, nerve, & system provides initiative to attune with our original source & creator. Spirit!

As it is through the breath we are assured vitality . . .


Becoming still in mindfulness provides:

  • full disclosure to purpose
  • awareness of karmic cycles
  • connection to universal guidance
  • self-discipline & mastery
  • attracts beneficial energy
  • create healthy boundaries & relationships
  • hydrates the vessel on all planes: mind, body, spirit
  • restores unlimited flow of abundance

Within several major areas of life, I hold those I work with accountable as I support them realize purpose, create goals & maintain balance with action.

Diminish the defense mechanisms generated from outside facilitators & envision yourself as DIVINE ALIGNMENT!

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