The Power of Visualization

Rise & Be Grand
Who’s ready to CONNECT?
Visualization is a powerful tool


 used to create and manifest reality in the present.

It can be utilized as timeless energy

as we find that doing what we choose

there are no limits, no restrictions.

We experience freedom!


In technique, visualization is used

to attract our heart’s desires,

divine connections

& overall cultivated experiences in life.

As our thoughts are

powerful magnets

of energetic conditioning. 



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". . . If you’ve been there in mind, you’ll go there in body."

~ Denis Waitley

- - -

We have opportunity to consciously enhance

this tool through meditation in a creative as well as safe space.

So let’s dive in!


(the meditation begins around 16mins)

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👉🏽 Before you begin,

🕉 Get in a comfortable position.

☮️ Release any & all expectations.

🧿 Call forward your guides & light protection.




**This meditation is cloaked, protected & infused with divine energy**

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